Update Offline Virtual Machine

If you’ve created a golden image VM, you may have run across the hassle of keeping it updated.  You can fire it up monthly and run updates, or just wait and update as the first step in deploying a new machine.  OR…  You can deploy updates to the offline VM with a little prep work and powershell.

These notes are for deploying the monthly cumulative update on Windows Server 2016, but it should work for older versions and other updates.

The first step is to download the update file.  Then use the Expand program (built in) to extract the contents:


In the extract folder, find the .cab file for the update. Copy that to the VM host.  In this example, I’m using C:\Temp.

Now either open a PS Session or from the VM host open PowerShell.

Go to a folder on the local disk (this process failed when mounting into a CSV) and create a temporary folder to use as a mount point. It’s easiest if this is also where you’ve put the .cab file.

mkdir -Path C:\Temp\MountDir

Now mount the offline VHD(X) you want to update.

Mount-WindowsImage -ImagePath $VHDtoUpdate -Path C:\Temp\MountDir -Index 1

Now apply the image.

Add-WindowsPackage -Path C:\Temp\MountDir -PackagePath $updatepath

Wait while the process runs, then dismount the VHD(X).

Dismount-WindowsImage -Path C:\Temp\MountDir -Save

Now repeat for additional virtual machines, or clean up your temporary mount folder.

rd -Path C:\Temp\MountDir

Now you can start up your updated VM.

Full script:

$vmhost = <yourhost>
Enter-PSSession -ComputerName $vmhost

$cummupdatepath = "C:\Temp\Windows10.0-KB4022715-x64.cab"
$VHDtoUpdate = "C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\Example\Virtual Hard Disks\Example.vhdx"

mkdir -Path C:\Temp\MountDir
Mount-WindowsImage -ImagePath $VHDtoUpdate -Path C:\Temp\MountDir -Index 1
Add-WindowsPackage -Path C:\Temp\MountDir -PackagePath $cummupdatepath
Dismount-WindowsImage -Path .\MountDir -Save
rd -Path C:\Temp\MountDir




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