Modify Replica Size with PowerShell

With DPM you may get errors that the DPM is out of disk space for the replica. (ID 58 Details: There is not enough space on the disk (0x80070070))  Assuming you’re not actually out of space, the replica size just needs to be increased.
Unfortunately, the menu option to Modify disk allocation isn’t selectable.
Luckily, we have PowerShell.  NOTE: These scripts assume you’re local to the DPM server, if not you’ll need to add on the -DPMServer switch to the initial commands.
First, we need to get the list of protection groups.  This script block pulls the groups into an array, then outputs their names with the array index.
$pg = Get-DPMProtectionGroup
for ($i=0;$i -le ($pg.Count-1);$i++) {
Write-Output ('[' + $i.ToString() +'] ' + $pg[$i].Name)
Now that you can get the name of the protection group, run the next script block with the index of that entry (in this example, I’m grabbing the second PG, or index 1).  The second bit outputs the datasources in the protection group with their index value in the array and the datasource name.
$ds = Get-DPMDatasource -ProtectionGroup $pg[1]
for ($i=0;$i -le ($pg.Count-1);$i++) {
Write-Output ('[' + $i.ToString() +'] ' + $ds[$i].Name)
Now you can grab the datasource you need to modify.  This script block grabs the individual datasource from the array of datasources, then outputs the name (to make sure you’ve got the right one) and then shows you the current replica size, in GB.
$d = $ds[0]
We can now modify the replica size.  Make sure you update the value for the ReplicaSize switch to match what you need.
Edit-DPMDiskAllocation -Datasource $d -ReplicaSize (24*1024*1024*1024)
Once that completes the Replica should have been resized.  You can use the UI to start a consistency check, but we’re in PowerShell, so let’s just do that here as well.
$cc = Start-DPMDatasourceConsistencyCheck -Datasource $d
Write-Output $cc.Status

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