Stuck VM Checkpoints

We have a problem where a VM will occasionally get a stuck snapshot/checkpoint during backup.  We use DPM, and there are others who complain about this problem, so hopefully there will be a fix, but for now it’s something that will happen.  Articles (like this one) recommend that you stop and restart the DPMRA services on the Hyper-V host.  This usually works, but last month we had a few get stuck and even after restarting for maintenance they were still there.

Since the GUI doesn’t let you remove these backup checkpoints, I started looking for a way to do it with PowerShell and found this great article from Gil Gross.  He details the exact problem we were having and how to use PowerShell to release them.

The solution is a combination of Get-VMSnapshot and Remove-VMSnapshot.

Get-VMSnapshot -VMName HyperVName -ComputerName VMHOST | Remove-VMSnapshot


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